How Meditation Helped Me in Becoming a Better Version of Myself

ed11bb15-e2f7-41d9-90a3-81ae70d4ceb4My MOM❤️ An Ever-pure,Ever-gorgeous soul.

When I was growing up..during my teenage years,I never understood her and troubled her a lot.

I am also guilty of fighting & arguing with her till my early 20s.

I always thought she is weak and doesn’t have a voice of her own because she always stayed under the decisions of my father.Like most teens,I felt she doesn’t love and support me enough.I thought why couldn’t she stand up for herself and why she had to be this sacrificing timid lady despite being educated and independent.

Two years back,when I started meditating,my mind just opened like a parachute.One by one,I began to see my mistakes- of being critical and inconsiderate towards other people.

The first thing I learned was that I had to change myself in order to see the change around me.And it worked magically! The moment I started changing my attitude towards life ,things and people around me also started changing.

I understood that I have the POWER.All this while,I made it about other people but it was only ME!

Similar thing happened to my relationship with my mother.I started to see her in a different light.I could see the goodness and strength in her.Being a working lady,she balanced family,work and raised us 3 children single handed (as my father was mostly away for the call of his duty). The love,care,respect and trust she showed to other people throughout her life including my father,his family and everyone around is commendable.

I understood that sacrificing and keeping others before you is not a weakness but a virtue & strength of only a few.

I understood,the complaints I had with her were only because of my selfish behavior.It was me who was always complaining & expecting and never gave her anything in return.I realised I was wrong and there’s so much I needed to learn from her.

And I thank spirituality for giving this wisdom to me .

because we share an even more beautiful relationship now:)

Want to know how I did it?It’s pretty simple!

By following Four-Letter word SALT-

Spend quality time.




Thanks to meditation and spiritual wisdom that gave me clarity of thought and taught me what truly matters in life.

So when life gives you lemons,don’t forget to take SALT!

The true joy of life lies in giving.

Read my post on how one can heal their strained relationships with the help of meditation & spirituality.



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