How Meditation Helped Me in Becoming a Better Version of Myself

My MOM❤️An Ever-pure,Ever-gorgeous soul.
When I was growing up during my teens,I never understood her and troubled her a lot.
I am also guilty of fighting & arguing with her till my early 20s.
I always thought she is weak and doesn’t have a voice of her own because she always stayed under the decisions of my father.Like most teens,I felt she doesn’t love and support me enough.I thought why couldn’t she stand up for herself and why she had to be this sacrificing timid lady despite being educated and independent.

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How to Meditate in a Simple and Effective way.

Getting into a right frame of mind is important to be able to perform meditation more successfully.To make the most out of it,I would suggest that one should prepare themselves first by making some changes in their daily life.Here’s how-

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